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FlyStuff Trinocular Microscope

Cat #: 59-503

Trinocular, w/base
1 Microscope/Unit

  • Designed for the ideal Drosophila workstation
  • Innovative base frees up bench space
  • Superior Optics
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Base dimensions: 8 x 10in.
  • Compatible with 59-503C camera adapter
By: Flystuff

List Price:       $1,682.90

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Trinocular stereo microscope head. Superior Optics - You can expect superior optical performance and a broad magnification range of 6.5X-45X, or 7:1 zoom to deliver brilliance, clarity, parfocality, flatness and depth of field. Our optics expose more specimen in field of view with 22mm wide 10X eyepieces. Utilize the camera adapter (Cat # 59-503C) to easily take digital pictures of your work.

Innovative Base - Includes the new, one-of-a kind scope base which is counterweighted. This feature clears up all obstructions for easiest manipulation of your flypad under your scope. Fits standard 30mm diameter microscope mounts.