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90/10% Pt/Ir Wire, 30 Gauge

Cat #: 59-1M30PI

Bulk, on Spool
1 Meter/Unit

  • 90% platinum / 10% iridium
  • 30 gauge (0.01in. / 0.254mm diameter)
  • Premium-grade platinum wire
  • Carefully wound to oversized spool
  • Platinum/iridium alloy provides a stiffer feel
  • Try the WormStuff worm pick for a user-friendly, cost efficient alternative
By: Wormstuff

List Price:       $164.75

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Genesee's premium-grade platinum wire is a dense, malleable precious heavy metal that exhibits remarkable resistance to corrosion, even at high temperatures. All bulk platinum wire is supplied carefully wound to an oversized spool for easy access and wire cutting. This wire is ideal for making homemade worm picks.

90/10% platinum/iridium alloy features a stiffer and sturdier feel compared to pure platinum wire. Gauge refers to diameter, a higher gauge being a thinner wire and vice versa.