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CO2 Radiator Regulator/Flowmeter

Cat #: 59-143

Drosophila Anesthesia
1 Regulator/Unit

  • Excellent for multiple fly station setups
  • Convenient 1/8" adapter included to fit your tubing
  • Designed to prevent freezing
  • 1/8” ID (3mm) hose barb tube connector
  • 2 Year Warranty
By: Flystuff

List Price:       $518.35

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This Radiator Type Regulator / Flowmeter for CO2 is designed for multiple fly station setups. Convenient 1/8" adapter included to fit your tubing! The flowmeter is backpressure compensated to ensure accurate reading when line restrictions are present. The regulator is preset to deliver 50 PSI into the flowmeter which is calibrated to operate at 50 PSI. This design helps prevent freezing.