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Apex Peptone, 50kg

Cat #: 20-263

Bacteriological Grade

  • High quality hydrolysate produced by enzymatic digestion of animal tissues
  • Amino Nitrogen (%) 2.6-3.0
  • Total Nitrogen (%) 12-15.55
  • Ash (%) 4.7
By: Apex Bioresearch Products

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All Apex growth media components, including agar, tryptone, yeast extract and peptone are bacteriological and tissue culture grade for maximum efficiency. All products are lot certified to assure consistent results. Apex BioResearch Products chemicals and reagents are manufactured under the industry's most stringent quality control procedures to assure lot-to-lot consistency for reproducible results in your laboratory. Apex products are becoming the standard for the most demanding molecular biologists.

Apex Peptone is a high quality hydrolysate produced by enzymatic digestion of animal tissues. It is widely used in culture media and has been used extensively in the manufacture of toxins, vaccines and other biological products. Typical analysis: Amino Nitrogen (%) 2.6-3.0, Total Nitrogen (%) 12-15.55, pH (2% solution) 6.5 – 7.5, Ash (%) 4.7.