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TE Buffer (Tris-EDTA), 10X

Cat #: 18-178

pH 7.4

  • 1X: 0.01 M Tris-HCl, 0.001 M EDTA, pH 7.4
  • Molecular/Proteomic Grade: Purity > 99%
  • Manufactured using ultra pure 4 fold purified water
  • Free of RNase, DNase, endonucleases & endotoxins
  • Free of proteins and proteases
  • Prepared & packaged under sterile, automated conditions in an ISO certified facility
Manufactured by Apex Bioresearch Products

List Price:       $100.60

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Ultra pure or cGMP grade chemicals and 4 fold purified water are key components of Apex Liquid Buffers. Most buffers are labelled with a list of physicochemical properties and trace element analysis. Liquid buffers are suitable for molecular biology research, purification and characterization of proteins, protein crystallization and structure analysis, biochemical, genomics and proteomics research and diagnostic applications .

Apex brand products are produced in manufacturing facilities that feature state-of-theart automation and are certified to ISO 2001:2008. Automated buffer production and filling facilities are designed to produce bulk chemicals as well as smaller custom batches. At Apex, we understand that our products can be used in regulated environments and therefore must meet exacting quality standards. Our manufacturing facilities have a quality system that is designed for cGMP compliance and ensures that all products are made to required specifications.