Environmentally Conscious

At Genesee Scientific, we’re all for passing on Earth’s living legacy to future generations. That’s why we do our very best to respect our planet, and minimize threats to the biological and cultural diversity that sustains the environment.

Pipet Tip Rack Recycle Program

Interested in recycling with Genesee? Already recycle with Geneseee and need to request a pickup?

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*We respectfully ask that all material for recycling comes from product purchased from Genesee Scientific.

Only the Best Quality

When you purchase Genesee Scientific-brand pipet tip racks, you’ll not only get the best quality at the best price, you’ll have an opportunity to reduce landfill waste. Here’s how: When reloads are not an option (or when pipet tip trays have become unusable after repetitive autoclaving), simply send back your used pipet tip racks*, and we’ll make sure the materials are reused in an Earth-friendly way. We call it our Pipet Tip Rack Recycling Program, and with your help it can make the Earth cleaner, one rack at a time.

Inter-Office Programs

Genesee Scientific offices take part in company-wide recycling programs for glass, plastic, aluminum, and paper. What’s more, we take special care to responsibly dispose of “eWaste” items such as old monitors, hard drives, motherboards, batteries and other broken or outdated electronic components and supplies.

Boxes and Styrofoam Shipping Containers

As part of our devotion to the environment, we ship some of our orders in previously owned cardboard boxes and containers. Thoroughly tested for durability to protect your order, these containers not only preserve natural resources, they help us keep our prices low and we pass those savings along to you. Saving the Earth and saving money: two benefits we’re sure you’ll appreciate as much as we do.

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