Product Details

Dispensette S Analog 0.1-1ml

Cat #: 91-100SP

Recirculation Valve
1 Dispenser/Unit

  • Increments: 0.02ml
  • Analog slide enables rapid volume adjustments
  • Simple to mount discharge tube available with or without integrated recirculation valve
  • Designed without additional sealing rings for ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • Replaceable discharge valve with safety valve
  • Olive-shaped filling valve for firmer attachment of filling tubes
  • Improved flow technology results in faster priming
  • Scalloped track for secure volume setting on analog dispensers
Manufactured by BrandTech Scientific

List Price:       $552.95

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The Dispensette® S bottletop dispensers build on the 50 year history of BRAND dispensing expertise. Continual upgrades makes this the safest and most convenient ever, while retaining the features making the Dispensette® the world’s favorite bottletop dispenser. The “floating piston” design of the Dispensette® S forms a zero-wear sealing system with outstanding sliding properties. Optimized flow channels make dispensing and priming even easier – particularly in instruments with large volumes.