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WormStuff Worm Pick, Pink

Cat #: 59-AWP-P

Quick-Pick Attachment System
1 Pick/Unit

  • Don't make worm picks ever again!
  • Quick-Pick System for instantaneous installation and removal of platinum tips
  • Ergonomic design
  • No more broken picks!
  • Store your platinum tip in handle for protection
  • Platinum wire tips sold separately
By: Wormstuff

List Price:       $66.50

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The first commercially available worm pick was meticulously designed by Genesee Scientific to provide a superior, easily replenishable pick at a sensible and fair price. Our unique Quick-Pick magnetic attachment system (patent pending) features a pre-flattened platinum wire securely fastened to a powerful diminuitive magnet. Install or remove the tip with ease and never again waste valuable time flattening platinum or glass bending. Genesee uses only premium-grade platinum wire and platinum alloy for guaranteed performance and reliability.

This does not include the platinum wire tips which are required for use with the WormStuff Worm Pick. See the following catalog numbers for platinum wire tips compatible with the WormStuff Worm Pick: 59-30P6, 59-32P6, 59-30PI6, 59-32PI6, 59-30P36, 59-32P36, 59-30PI36 and 59-32PI36.