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WormStuff Worm Pick Tips (6)

Cat #: 59-30PI6

90/10% Pt/Ir, 30 Gauge
6 Tips/Unit

  • Don't make worm picks ever again!
  • Compatible with the WormStuff worm pick( Cat# 59-AWP)
  • Premium-grade platinum wire
  • Quick-Pick System for instantaneous installation and removal of platinum tips
  • 30 gauge (0.01in. / 0.254mm diameter)
  • 90% platinum / 10% iridium
By: Wormstuff

List Price:       $136.05

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These tips are compatible with the WormStuff Worm Pick and feature Genesee's Quick-Pick magnetic attachment system (patent pending). Our unique Quick-Pick magnetic attachment system (patent pending) features a pre-flattened platinumw wire securely fastened to a powerful diminuitive magnet. Install or remove the tip with ease and never again waste valuable time flattening platinum or glass bending. Genesee uses only premium-grade platinum wire and platinum alloy for guaranteed performance and reliability.

This includes six tips compatible with the WormStuff Worm Pick. Tips are made from premium-grade 90/10% platinum/iridium alloy. 30 gauge.