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Geneseal for Narrow Vials

Cat #: 59-166

Adhesive Film
1 Roll of 210 Yards/Unit

By: Flystuff

List Price:       $182.50

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A revolutionary adhesive film developed specifically to optimize fly food preparation and preservation.

Save Food Preparation Time - Plugging vials is the most time consuming, labor-intesive task performed in a fly kitchen... and it’s no longer necessary! A sheet of GENESEAL is applied to a tray of 100 vials in just seconds! Use GENESEAL and leave the plugging for when flies are in the vials. Large or small, any fly facility can benefit with GENESEAL. Vials sealed with GENESEAL stay moist up to 3 times longer than plugged vials. So, more food can be prepared less often which cuts setup time by up to two thirds! Since the fly kitchen is no longer responsible for plugging, the individual laboratory/researcher can select and procure it’s own closures. Persons intollerant of cotton can use rayon...or foam. And labs who prefer the best barrier to mite infestation can use Flugs. Therefore, the fly kitchen need not be burdened with more work or hassle to accomodate individual needs or preferences.