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Wall-Mount Flowbuddy Complet

Cat #: 59-122WCU

Incl. Ultimate Flypad & Gun
1 System/Unit

  • Convenient and precise flow control
  • Mount on the wall to save valuable bench space
  • Ideal for fly rooms with multiple stations and a single CO2 source
  • System Includes: Flowbuddy Flow Regulator, Blowgun, Ultimate Flypad, 6ft. 1/8in. Tubing
  • Save compared to purchasing components separately
By: Flystuff

List Price:       $738.15

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The Flowbuddy Flow Regulator adds convenience and precision flow control to any CO2 Drosophila workstation. The Flowbuddy’s toggle switch is used to instantly start and stop fly work with ease. CO2 flow to the 2 barbed outputs is adjusted with the Flowbuddy’s knurled knob flow regulator which allows effortless, user-determined micro adjustment in LPM (Liters Per Minute) with constant, visible confirmation on the flow meter. Since the Flowbuddy Flow Regulator withstands input pressure of it to 100 psi, tank gauges can safely be left open, which eliminates the need to fuss with the tank’s knobs and levers to begin and end fly work. Even when CO2 pressure increases or decreases (i.e. when another workstation on the network is shut off or turned on), the Flowbuddy’s Flow Regulator will maintain a consistent unvarying flow. The Benchtop Flowbuddy Flow Regulator features a sturdy base, non-slip feet and a gun hook. It also has a small footprint (just 4x6 inches!) to fit nicely on a workstation surface. The Wall-Mount Flowbuddy Flow Regulator is engineered for simple, sturdy installation (hardware included) to free up bench space. The barbed input and outputs are nickel-plated solid brass and fit 1/8in. I.D. tubing.

The Ultimate FlyStuff Flowbed is a CO2 apparatus is made of 1/8” easily replaceable UHMW porous polyethelene paired together with metal casing which helps in reducing static. A precision routed maze along the metal casing assures optimal, consistent diffusion of CO2 throughout the staging area. The FlyStuff Ultimate Flowbed features 3 input options to best suit your setup. Its 'zero-edge' rim makes it easy