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FlyStuff Grape Agar Premix

Cat #: 47-102

For Embryo Collection
25 Packets/Unit

  • Convenient single use packets
  • Makes perfect plates
  • Purple provides outstanding contrast
  • No more shopping for juice
  • 2 year shelf life
  • Ingredients: Concord Grape Crystals, Grape Skin Extract, Sucrose, Agar, Tegosept
By: Flystuff

List Price:       $147.35

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Never bother fruit juice shopping for science again! 100% Concord grape juice produces rich aroma and deep purple color for excellent contrast. Thorough quality procedures assure optimal performance and reproducibility.

Grape Agar powder premix offers convenience and consistency. The crucial ingredient is Concord grape and ours comes from a unique vacuum freeze-drying process which captures the robust flavor, aroma, color and nutrients of the best quality, fresh, mature Concord grapes. The highest purity food grade agar is used in the ideal ratio to other ingredients to produce a truly perfect juice agar plate. Our Quality Control does not stop with the best ingredients - we rigorously test multiple batches from every lot to assure the product used in your lab makes the best plate, every time. Grape vs. Apple? Take the Genesee challenge! We unconditionally guarantee you will get the most egg beds that can possibly be laid when you pour Flystuff grape agar plates.