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Maxi Horizontal Gel Box

Cat #: 45-103

20 x 20cm
1 Gel Box/Unit

  • Designed for separating high numbers of samples from PCR or cloning
  • Low buffer volume - 1200ml
  • Easy Plug-and-Go casting for rapid external gel casting
  • Run up to 550 samples per gel
  • Accessories included: 20 x 20cm gel tray, two 20 tooth combs (1mm thick), loading guide and casting dams
  • Dimensions: 9.1 x 15.6 x 3.5in. (23 x 39.5 x 9cm)
Manufactured by Genesee Scientific

List Price:       $849.85

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This gel box was designed for resolution of high numbers of samples from PCR or cloning. The extended length of this gel box allows for ultra high resolution separations. The 20 x 20cm tray size corresponds to many common blotter sizes to allow for easy sample transfer onto a membrane for further analysis.