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1.2ml Microtiter tubes, 12 Tube-Strips

Cat #: 14-365

Racked, Sterile
10 Racks of 96 Tubes/Unit

  • Minitubes are ideal for sample storage, transferring, mixing, dilution, harvesting, culture assays and screening
  • SBS footprint and alignment guides are compatible with all robotic instruments
  • Perfect for RIA/EIA/ELISA procedures
  • Ideal for automation / HTS
  • Avaliable in Individual, 8-strip or 12-strip tube configurations
Manufactured by Olympus Plastics

List Price:       $72.20

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Tube racks feature microtiter footprint and alignment guides for a wide array of consistent, reliable, and automated protocols. Recessed rack bottoms allow for safe and convenient stacking. Polyethylene caps are available for secure and convenient sealing of each tube. Available in 8- or 12-strip format, these caps require minimum insertion pressure to obtain a leak-free seal. Each cap is tabbed for easy handling and removal and caps can easily be snapped apart for single tube handling.