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AeraSeal™ Sealing Film, Roll-Seal™

Cat #: 12-630HT

Up to 830 Films/Roll
1 Roll/Unit

  • For tissue culture plates, bio-blocks, and 96-well plates where gas exchange is necessary for cell or bacterial growth.
  • Fast, efficient, high-throughput sealing; 2.5-5 seconds/plate; no handling and backing removal from individual sheets
  • Hands-free; reduces chance of mishap or contamination; more uniform sealing from plate-to-plate
  • Heat-free; no high temperatures to damage sensitive samples or warp plates and cause robotic handling problems
  • High-precision dispensing with automated sealers; consistent positioning on plates
  • Static-free manufacturing and packaging facilitates alignment and adhesion
  • Compatible with most current adhesive SBS plate sealers
  • AeraSeal and Roll-Seal are trademarks of Excel Scientific
By: Genesee Scientific

List Price:       $496.85

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Composed of 140µm hydrophobic porous film with medical-grade adhesive for sealing tissue culture plates, bio-blocks, and 96-well plates where air and gas exchange are necessary for cell growth or bacterial cultivation, AeraSeal™ films minimize well-to-well cross-contamination, sample spillage and evaporation. They allow uniform air and CO2 exchange for all wells and are thus superior to plate lids which favor exchange for wells near plate edges.

Non-cytoxic and highly gas permeable. Easily pierceable with pipette tips or pipettes for sample recovery.